Import and export stone carving in Ninh Binh, JSC was established in 2008 by a group of experienced and enthusiastic craftsmen and engineers who were formerly the workshop of Xuan Manh stone carving. After 8 years of inheriting and promoting the traditional business of his father, currently, the company is one of the leading units in Vietnam specializing in providing stone products for businesses, individuals and organizations, domestically and internationally.
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Reception desk of Ninh Binh Fine Art Import and Export JSC
  The products that have a great resonance in our market include stone carvings, mausoleums, statues, letter of stone, stone breeds, paving stones, construction stones, stone furniture, antique works, stone structure ... with excellent quality.
Using natural stone material, the company's products are always close and have the same durability at the same time. The works created are not only of high aesthetic value, but also of deep spiritual value, bringing good luck, peace and prosperity to the users.
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 The meeting room of the company exhibits abundant stone, statue...
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Top 100 famous brand name products in Vietnam
With the motto "mind- good- beauty” the company’s products have won the trust of thousands of customers across the North - Central - South. We believe Ninh Binh Fine Arts Stone will continue to grow, deserving to be the leading brand in Vietnam!
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CEO Hoang Tung - Director of the company top 100 Young Entrepreneurship Excellent 2017

Some pictures at the factory:
ve chung toi 4
The exhibition at Linh Nam - Hoang Mai
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A corner of the factory’s sign from the factory from the main road
ve chung toi 6
Stone sculpture factory with large scale
ve chung toi 7
Artisans in the process of product processing

Import and Export Stone Carving in NinhBinh Joint Stock Company becomes a pioneer in fine art handicraft technology and investment strategy - sustainable development to fully exploit minerals from natural stone mines in Vietnam. NINHBINHSTONE wishes to bring to customers the products with high aesthetic value and achieve the maximum sophistication, perfect in every detail. We have always afforded to devote the values of cultural art and cultural identity of the nation, contributing to the creation of unique spiritual architectural works, taking pride in the traditional handicrafts of Vietnam more and more famous in economic integration.

- NINHBINHSTONE becomes a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of Natural Stone in Vietnam.
-  Our company distributes and provides professional products and service which are unique and creative.
- Besides the outstanding quality at each stage, every product contains the message of aesthetic culture and meets the legitimate needs of customers.
- The company becomes a trustworthy companion of customers from individual to collective and promotes the spirit of sustainable cooperation and prestige most in Vietnam.
- Our company develops and affirms professional, dynamic and creative working environment. In addition, we also orient training policies to improve professional skills for staff by advanced training programs.
 -Import and Export Stone Carving in NinhBinh Joint Stock Company takes part in and contributes actively to community-based activities and social security.
- The company also goes in for advanced projects, creating sophisticated products with high precision and contributing to the beauty of the works.

Core values:
- NINHBINHSTONE is a prestige brand, affirming its position in the domestic and international market.
- A wide variety of raw materials, domestic market development and import / export from your markets.
- We also solve the source of labor to improve skills from the artisan 20-30 skilled years.
- The team of architects, engineers and staff are professional and experienced. Besides, machines and equipments' company are modern and imported from Europe.
- Our company always gets "MIND - TALENT - INTELLIGENCE- VIRTUE - QUINTESSENCE - HUMAN" as the core value:
Mind: We have to take "MIND" is the main and use a "mind" to manage the heart. Customers are also your "mind" - the center.
+ Talent: Business ethics is always set before the Talent - create value for each individual toward the good - bring benefits for colleagues and customers. Creativity - Thinking innovation - Defining the goals and positioning of individual talents.
+ Intelligence: Create to develop (Three dare - Two not): Dare to think - Dare to do - Dare to fail. Do not stop learning - Do not step back ... Learning from the inside and sharing the harmony.
+ Virtue: Control yourself, have family morals and company, always keep the virtues of business, take customers are your relatives - create loyal customers.
+ Quintessence: Cultural identity is the essence - Human is the essence - quintessential products and services create an elite life and set up an elite society.
+ Human: "Humanity" - Live and treat together in harmony and humanely. Equity - Integrity - Solidarity.

Scope of work:
- Supply natural stone sources from stone mines in Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh.
+ Natural walling tiles
+ Stone interior decoration
+ Fine art stone
+ Artistic stone altar piece
+ Stone architecture
- Producing and supplying natural stone materials for domestic and foreign projects
- Design - construction Natural stone at the request of customers
- Design and manufacture of sculptures from natural stone
- After-warranty service

Business attitudes:
- Prestige and quality of products and services put on top
- Get customers from the individual to the community as the center
- Always create the difference and creative capacity in product design and new market development
- Understand the mission of serving each region and cultural identity region
- Build a corporate culture based on pioneering aspirations and pride in Vietnamese intellectual property

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