Entrepreneur cafe – new space of Ninh Binh Stone.

Monday - 25/12/2017 14:52
Enjoy green garden space and admire the unique architectural sculptures of Import and Export Stone Carving in Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company are what you will experience at Entrepreneur Cafe (38 Pham Hung - My Dinh - Hanoi). What's more special? Let 's discover!
Entrepreneur cafe – new space of Ninh Binh Stone.
An unique and strange Cafe from the its "name".
In Hanoi, it is not difficult to find a place to enjoy a hot coffee. The owner can name the restaurant by their name, preference to create something romantic, such as Chot Nho Cafe , Diem Hen, Moc Cafe, Sach Cafe,  Vuon Cafe , Sinh Vien Cafe, and so on.
1. Entrepreneur Cafe in combination with the showroom.

According to CEO Hoang Tung - the founder of Entrepreneur Cafe, this is the place to express the thoughts and aspirations of young entrepreneurs and ensure the beautiful scenery environment for new space in Hanoi. This meaningful coffee shop also expresses the ego of every entrepreneur and brings the desire to develop and share the dream of flying further.
Beautiful location combined with unique style will make most of customers go from surprise to surprise. The space inside and outside Entrepreneur Cafe has created its own unique features that you cannot find at other Cafe.
Overwhelmed by the beauty of fine art stone.
Stepping into the restaurant, you will be "attracted" by space here, not too quiet to think of something and also not too noisy to break your thought. Thousands of fine art stone products will make you feel surprised by the art of making. The harmoniously arranged rockeries, the fresh and cool Koi fish ponds, the spiritual values from the Buddha statue and etc, and all things have blended together to create new features here.

2.The unique designs in Ninh Binh Stone bring a mysterious and attractive space. Morever, if you enjoy it together with gentle music, you will feel extremely free and comfortable.
 3. The Garden 
The most unique place is the top floor, a green space as a cool eco garden. From here you can discover the view to admire the beauty of the rock and the surrounding space. The light emitted from two rows of electric wire ball will make the space become sparkling every night. This " imperial garden" is very suitable for young Entrepreneur to exchange their experience, or more romantic for couples to make a date at weekend.
4. Beautiful rockery combines with aquarium.
If the space inside the restaurant gives you a cozy feeling, the space outside will bring the feeling of great relaxation with extremely spacious space. The space is decorated quite simple, each corner has its own unique features, not repeated the same. The menu is quite diversified and has very attractive taste, including coffee, fruit juices, vitamins, capuchino, etc.
With that distinctive feature, Entrepreneur Cafe have welcomed hundreds of visitors every day, mainly young entrepreneurs, artists, and so on.
5. Artist Mr. Quang Teo visits entrepreneur Café.
 6. Young businessmen meet and exchange together here.
7. Partners and staff of Ninh Binh Stone
New direction of Ninh Binh Stone
Entrepreneur Cafe combine with showrooms and introducing products Ninh Binh stone. This has created a unique beauty and big break for the development of enterprises. when coming to Entrepreneur Cafe, you can enjoy coffe and see the beauty of stone which make a great impression for each person.
8. CEO Hoang Tung – the founder of Entrepreneur Café
With more than 10 experienced years in developing products of stone carving, CEO Hoang Tung said: "The showroom with Cafe Entrepreneurs will be a new direction, helping to develop the market of Ninh Binh Stone. Besides, it is also an ideal place for everyone to see hundreds of natural stone products that you cannot find out them other places".  He also hopes to receive more positive feedback from customers to make the business more and more complete.
If you have needs, come to us to experience - explore the unique beauty of stone carving - Entrepreneur Café!
Address: 38 Pham Hung - My Dinh - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi
Hotline: 0945 11 22 66
Ninh Binh Stone

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