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Le Ngoc Tung, who is well-known for being an owner of Ninh Binh Store and mentioned as a model of successful young entrepreneurs with self-study questions, cultivated from reality and a love sent into the stone, was born in 1989
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Young Entrepreneur Le Ngoc Tung
"Fall in love" with STONE
Le Ngoc Tung was born and grew up at  a handicraft drum Village at Doi Tam - Duy Tien - Ha Nam. He chose to enter Mathematics at University of Education instead of following his passion about art because of family situation. 
In 2011, after graduating from college, he wanted to invest to business to develop handicraft products from stones instead of becoming a teacher. At that time, 
Stone handicraft products were considered as an extremely difficult job, particularly with a new entrant like Le Ngoc Tung.
"I came up with this idea in a chance when visiting a stone handicraft factory, and I lost my heart by the shapes created by the artists," Tung said.
 Because of the shortage of fund as well as awareness of customer’s taste and how to operate a company, he met some trouble in the startup period like the outlets or supplies.
"A lot of people advised me to give up. They said that I was mistaken when believing in the rocks. However, I resolutely stepped on, "recalls Le Ngoc Tung.
Tung decided to borrow hundreds of millions of dong to buy specialized machinery, and recruited more skilled workers to produce new items to market. After a while, his unremitting efforts were acknowledged. Products received positive feedback from customers. The number of new customers increased 70-80% compared to the original
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Le Ngoc Tung always dedicated, guide Staff Company
 Until 2013, when the real estate market stably started, Le Ngoc Tung's handicraft products are getting more and more interested. He decided to set up Ninh Binh Stone Import and Export JSC (Ninh Binh Stone) to gradually professionalize the production process. Choosing business development from the traditional village has helped him have many valuable start-up lessons.
Find a new direction for stone carving
 Tung still remembers the time of 2015, when he opened a showroom in Hanoi, Ha Nam, and Ho Chi Minh City. At that time, just concentrate on opening the factory, he forgot the important work is to develop raw materials. So, he still failed when there is no material to produce.
To overcome, Tung must choose the most difficult step is to change the thinking of building business, breaking the old way, change the whole system of office personnel and eliminate the risks encountered in production, human resources, and goods. At one point, his company was only three people ... But then, the new direction has brought Tung back to success.
According to Le Ngoc Tung, the transition from a household-owned family to a joint-stock company helped Ninh Binh Stone create a better brand and expand the market in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, after more than 3 years of development, Ninh Binh Stone has 9 member companies and dozens of products from stone carving, paving stones, stone carvings, stone works, stone statues...
Ninh Binh Stone's revenue has increased steadily over the years, with average growth of 20 - 30% per year.
In 2016, Ninh Binh Stone has reached the Top 100 "Brand - Products - Service Famous in Vietnam" voted by consumers. Le Ngoc Tung is also the Top 25 Entrepreneur of the Year for Young Entrepreneurs in 2016, Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in 2017.
On May 19, 1977, CEO Hoang Tung was honored to be awarded the title
"Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2017"
On May 19, 1977, CEO Hoang Tung was honored to be awarded the title
"Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2017"
ceo hoang tung lot top 10 doanh nhan tre
On May 19, 2017, CEO Hoang Tung was honored to be awarded the title
"Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2017"
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Passion for fine art stone has given Le Ngoc Tung many successes

 At present, Ninh Binh stone handicraft production base has an area of ​​over 2,000 m2, creating jobs for nearly 100 local laborers with an average salary of VND7-9 million per month. Ninh Binh Stone also has two factories and eight modern workshops currently located in Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Ha Nam, supplying thousands of products to domestic and foreign markets.

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